Dynamix Global

About us

Who We Are

Established in 2015 following the growing demand of our customers, Dynamix USA Corp. is basically a technical team offering a range of products for almost any type of production.

Company History

Founded by a team of technicians. Our customer went from 0 to over 50 satisfied clients in 1 year. The rest of the story is still to build and we are ready!

Our Philosophy

Distributor focused on customization, each customer is important to us and is treated as if it were a major franchise. A service unmatched sales and a fast response time on all our equipment. Even with our employees and partners, a deep personal respect is required. Nobody work for us, they work with us!

Our expertise

Our technical knowledge of catering and bakery equipment with over 30 combined years in the service of equipment and access to our partners and customers satisfied ensures a judicious choice of equipment for your production and your budget.